The Power of Story


The first book I read to my son was ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”. It was by no accident that I chose this classic Seussian tale as his first experience with literature. With my background as a teacher, HR Manager ...

Be the change you want to see in the world


Like many children, I learned at an early age that I should be nice to others. Love, compassion, respect, generosity and loyalty were all values I was told were important. And for the most part, I’ve been trying to live ...

The little boy (by Helen Buckley)


Once a little boy went to school. It was quite a big school, but when the boy found he could go right to his room from the playground outside he was happy, and the school didn't seem quite so big ...

Rethinking intelligence


From our early experiences in the playground to our workplace, we have all judged people according to their ‘intelligence’. And it’s no wonder. We are taught from a young age that to be successful, we need to be ...

Restoring Faith


I grew up in a Catholic family. My parents were pretty active in our community, and I think it was a good way to grow up. We had a lot of family friends and were surrounded by people with positive ...

What really matters? Life according to Universal Laws


I have to admit, I’ve become a little anxious by all the recent disasters around the world. It’s not like I haven’t heard news of a tsunami or earthquake before. But why are current events having such a profound effect ...

When Bad Things Happen


As I watch the recent disasters in Japan, New Zealand and Australia unfold, I can’t help but question when, and how I explain these types of tragedies to Jamie. By avoiding the subject, I might think I am protecting his ...

What happened to ‘my’ time?


Although life before kids was not entirely worry-free, it did seem a lot simpler. But nowadays, my mind is processing so many details that it can sometimes feel close to exploding. My time is consumed with endless housework, errands, appointments, ...

Engaging Gen Z in a high-tech world


Have you noticed how quickly kids are growing up these days? I remember when childhood was about ice-cream vans and mud pies, riding bikes freely around the street and building ‘impenetrable’ forts. Now it seems that if our kids aren’t ...

A healthy dose of self-esteem to start the school year


It’s the beginning of the school year and many of our children are anxious about the changes and new possibilities ahead: Will I do well in school? How will I get along with other kids in my grade? Will I ...

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